Rabu, 02 November 2011

BOOGIEMAN- Java Soulnation

Boogieman Java Soulnation 2011-2

Jakarta 23 September. This he at first day cover band JAVA Soulnation Festival. boogieman tebs appeared on stage with a very passionate audience enthusiasm although the band's cover on the first day too, was clearly visible at all if all the spectators who attended the first day it has a very extra energy. overall appearance of the artist on the first day of the festival is stunningly Soulnation java, wait for the next day remained at Istora Senayan... :)

Boogieman Java Soulnation 2011
Boogieman Java Soulnation 2011-4
Boogieman Java Soulnation 2011-5

Jemima- Java Soulnation 2011

Jemima Java Soulnation 2011-8

 Jakarta 23 September 2011, the origin of the female singer was featured in jakarta tebs nelly stage coincided with a stage show in LA LIGHT, Jemima and energetic appearance with cool songs that are not inferior to the artists at Java Soulnation Festival to entertain the audience there, the proof of the audience are also many who are present at stage.

Jemima Java Soulnation 2011
Jemima Java Soulnation 2011-7
Jemima Java Soulnation 2011-6
Jemima Java Soulnation 2011-3
Jemima Java Soulnation 2011-2
Jemima Java Soulnation 2011-9

Nelly- Java Soulnation 2011

Nelly Java Soulnation 2011-5

Jakarta 23 September 2011. He is an artist who is in waiting for the Java Soulnation Festival, this American artist from LA LIGHT appeared on stage and managed to shake LA LIGHT stage and all the spectators who were there. Nelly brought that night 15 songs for 75 minutes and managed to make all visitors will be amazed java Soulnation festival appearance. we proud of you NELLY.

Nelly Java Soulnation 2011
Nelly Java Soulnation 2011-3